Welcome to 24-7 Security

With over 30 years of combined law enforcement service and experience, We are a business based on sincere effort and skillful execution. We believe that a safe and secure working environment provides "peace of mind," but requires a "state of mind." Our unique, state certified crime prevention and safety programs will equip you with the ability to maintain and grow a safe and secure work environment while increasing employee's safety/security awareness. Let us design a safety and security program, using up to date safety and Crime Prevention principles, that will create positive and lasting change.

In addition to safety and security consultations we offer the following:

  • Uniformed security guards 
  • Loss Prevention/Employee Theft Prevention and Service
  • Workplace Safety, Personal Safety and Home Safety Training
  • Workplace Accident Prevention Programs
  • Emergency Action Plans/Accident Prevention Programs
  • Security Fencing and Gate Installation
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design CPTED

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