Case 1: Person locate and process service

A client from out of state called because their girlfriend that had left their state of residence and from facebook posts, the client gathered she was traveling to Yakima, WA.  The girlfriend also took their 2 y/o daughter without his consent.  Client desparately needed her located and served with his state's parenting plan.  Client contacted us after already hiring and paying another local Investigation and Process serving company without any success.  Based on the facebook info, and within 48 hours our investigator had located and served the girlfriend while the other process serving company was still looking for her.

Case 2: Craig's list post

Client called about untruthful Craig's list postings concerning his/her business.  Within 12 hours our investigators had located the individual, began email communication with them and was able to supply this information for a possible civil law suit. 

Case 3: Child Custody and Locate

We were contacted by a client seeking private investigation services to locate a former spouse and a child they share in common.  The client lives out of state and the subject and child have connections in the Yakima Valley.  The client had previously hired a private investigation company in Yakima but received no objective results.  Within our first week, our staff was able to track down the child and subject then provide details to the client's attorneys regarding the living arrangements of both as well as background information on those they lived with.  This information was used by the Client's attorney to establish positive custody rights for our Client.

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