Yakima's Most Comprehensive Private Investigations Agency!  


We offer the most comprehensive and resourceful investigative services available.  Combined, we have over 35 years of Police serve including: Police Detectives, Special Crime Unit Detectives, Corrections Officers, Bail Enforcement Agents and Loss Prevention Officers.  Our staff is extemely effective in the field, and have Reed Interview and Interrogation training.    

We know local law enforcement culture and officer reports; which make us a prime candidate to assist criminal defendants and defense attorneys in preparing for criminal defense cases.  We are well versed in report writing, Washington State Laws and Case Laws as well as common police practices that are in violation of such.  

With our extensive reserach capabilities and knowledge of public records systems combined with GPS monitoring and surveillance; we can effectively assist people involved with child custody, infidelity, domestic cases and track or locate missing loved ones.  


Additional Services We Offer

  • Reviews and analysis of police reports and officers writing the reports
  • Identify inconsistencies with Probable Cause, search and seizures procedures
  • Evidence gathering
  • Witness testimony
  • Crime scene reconstruction 
  • Asset Location
  • People Locates
  • GPS Tracking/Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking/Monitoring
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Child Custody
  • Infidelity 
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Polygraph services
  • Employee Theft/Fraud investigation
  • Insurance fraud


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